This is a boomer brain on a smartphone



Just because you’re a senior citizen and retired now doesn’t mean you can’t be adept at using electronic devices and adapting to the intricacies of social media. I’m a good case study, with some glaring exceptions.

I had to learn the electronic communications stuff because it was part of my business, but there are times when I am just another dumb person operating a smartphone. Like this morning’s text message, which I thought was going to my cousin, Linda, who had just sent us a package with some of her homemade jellies.

Here’s a transcript of the exchange:

Me: Just got the book, the cd, the jelly and the card! Thanks. We haven’t had our breakfast yet so will taste the jelly.

Me: The mango pineapple called for a second piece of toast! Yum!

Response: Sorry??? I’m glad you like it but I don’t remember sending you guys anything like that!

Me: (I thought she was playing dumb) Is chemo brain at work here? (She was due for another chemo-therapy treatment today) Or is it guilty forgetfulness for sending jelly to a diabetic?

Response: Mom…

Me: Is mom a new text speak?

Response: No… this is your son. You know … YOUR SON.

Me: OMG! I thought I was texting Linda. Oops. Disregard.

When will I learn that when sending a text message, this stupid phone automatically reverts to the last text recipient?!

The same thing happened to me a decade ago when I was just starting to learn how to send email. I invited an avowed business enemy to swim in our new pool, not realizing that his name was next to a best friend’s in the address book.  Oh well! He did the same thing a month later, mistakenly sending me a message that uncovered his dastardly plans to cut me out of a joint operating plan. We were able to cut him off at the email pass before he could carry out his plans.

My husband swears that we should be relegated to a Jitterbug with large numbers, but you just try to separate him from his iPad! (I’d like to actually, because he keeps hitting those damn survey buttons that result in calls from telemarketers).

I blame some of my ineptness with electronics on being a distracted writer.  When you have this affliction, it results in having your mind focused on the next brilliant word choice or phrase instead of watching where you’re walking or what button you’re clicking. This has caused some really close calls, as in near falls.

And here’s where we work in statistics on seniors falling. Did you know that one out of three older adults (65 or older) falls each year and that falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries? That’s serious stuff and I do heed those stats, as my husband, who’s a bit of a psychic, says I’m going to trip over my feet because I never watch them.

I wonder if there are any statistics on seniors who develop brain disorders from using smartphones?